"Without any doubt, they won over Guangzhou guitar fans with their perfect performance, leaving a deep impression on the audience with their passionate, meticulous, and masterful artistry.  No matter the articulations, pacing and rhythm control, or their overall cooperation and dominant ability, this concert fully reflected their remarkable playing skill and high artistic attainment."

-Keen Kwok; Guangzhou Guitar Society



"This could be the best-sounding classical guitar recital I've ever heard... Rapid passagework is pristine, harmonics ring out with bell-like clarity, and percussive effects, as when the strings are struck with the open hand, have impressive dynamic impact."

-Absolute Sound




"There can be no doubt as to the commitment of the Athens Duo to this music. There is a crispness, a colouration and a sense of involvement which is most attractive. As must be a requirement of good duos, they play as if joined at the hip. They treat the unusual, such as the Say and the Duarte pieces, with just as much care as they do the more well known Jean Françaix."

-Dave Billinge; MusicWeb International (Friday, November 8, 2013)



"[The Athens Guitar Duo's] playing is first-class, utterly convincing and the overall impression is one of deep musicality and welcoming, fascinating moods."

-Musical Opinion Magazine UK (November/December 2013 Issue)



"Their playing and their repertoire was so beautiful. Their performances were very satisfying, moving, and it is very gratifying to hear our instruments do what they are made to do on such a lofty level."

-Kenny Hill, luthier and owner/founder of Hill Guitar Co.



"We had the Athens Guitar Duo play for a house concert in Monterey last March.It was a one hour performance that was marvelous, and critically acclaimed by all in the audience, including several professional classical guitarists. Their selection of music and their mastery of their pieces was remarkable. I would highly recommend them for a private event or a concert performance!"

-Ronald A. Friedman M.D., Secretary, Carmel Guitar Society



“Even while playing to a crowd of over 200, the Athens Guitar Duo gave the Crocker Art Museum an audience a rare and intimate concert experience that left them smiling as they left the auditorium. Their willingness to share their craft and to engage our visitors made for a perfect Sunday afternoon performance.”

-Rika C. Nelson, Manager of Public Programs, Crocker Art Museum



"I'm not really a great fan of the guitar, but I thought [their CD] was wonderful, and I've thoroughly enjoyed it!"

- St. John Brown, host of Classical Meridian, 107 FM Meridian, East Grinstead, UK



"It's really exciting, the way they play the guitar; it's like they bring something quite new out of it.  The guitar has a sort of sound which everybody knows, but you listen to the way they are playing it and they are treating it as if it's a new instrument...  I thought [their performance of Princess of Lykia] was really riveting: beautiful playing.  Very sensitive."

-Gregers Brinch, composer



"It seems that downsizing is hitting everywhere these days. The Athens Guitar Trio, mentioned favorably in Soundboard some years back, is now a duo, and Dusty Woodruff and Matthew Anderson are very good indeed."

-Albert Kunze; Soundboard (GFA) (Vol. 40, No. 1, March 2014)



"...the most beautiful evening, with the delicate and virtuoso play from Athens Guitar Duo... Between pieces came the waves of applause."

- Nankai University News, Tianjin, China



​Press for the Athens Guitar Trio (our former incarnation!!)

"The amazing program variety and colorful interpretations of the Athens Guitar Trio were well-received on a snowy night in St. Louis--a standing ovation said it all!"
-William Ash, President, St. Louis Classical Guitar Society​

"The Athens Guitar Trio delighted the Neskowin Chamber Music audience with their wonderful playing, excellent choice of program, and delightful sense of humor.  The audience left grinning from ear to ear.  Their outreach to our local school was also excellent.  The children now know that there is more than one way to play a guitar."
-Fran Madachy, President, Neskowin Chamber Music​

"Emergence is an excellent debut from this young ensemble... The trio's performances are characterized by beautiful tone and creative use of timbre and articulation."
-Soundboard Magazine

"The Athens Guitar Trio plays with great skill and artistry.  Their innovative programming and outstanding musicianship, along with their interaction with the audience, makes for a very enjoyable evening.  I recommend AGT to all lovers of music, guitarists and otherwise."
-Dr. C. Wallace Hinson, Chair, Department of Music, Piedmont College

What a wonderful way to open the 25th season of the Arts at Coker.  The Athens Guitar Trio is amazing!  Their ensemble work and programming are excellent and their rapport with the audience is outstanding.  The Arts at Coker United Methodist Church, San Antonio, Texas, could not have asked for a more musically fulfilling concert. The Athens Guitar Trio is definitely on our “have back” list.
-Elaine Ehlers, Director, The Arts at Coker, San Antonio, TX

"The Athens Guitar Trio arrived in Orofino last week on their first stop of a concert tour in Idaho and put on a spectacular performance for the first concert of the 2011-2012 Community Concert series…  Individually they play with passion for the music and collectively, as the trio, their sounds blend to produce one harmonic tone that is pleasing to the ear and tends to soothe the soul."
-Clearwater Tribune, Orofino, ID

"The Athens Guitar Trio distinguishes itself from similar groups by its interesting choice of material and their excellent ensemble; they project a very attractive bonhomie that should be appealing to audiences."
-William Bolcom, 1988 Pulitzer Prize Winner

"The Athens Guitar Trio's interpretations of music from both classical and contemporary composers are seamlessly blended into an organic whole. The CD provides a wonderul listening experience that transports listeners to new worlds."
-Jim Motavalli, WPKN-89.5 (New Haven/Bridgeport)

"Classical sound seamlessly blended with fresh innovation."
-Southern Distinction Magazine

"I have rarely heard a trio that is as compatible in their ensemble, technique, and musicianship as the Athens Guitar Trio. They have beautiful sound and perform as one guitar."
-John Sutherland, The University of Georgia

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