February 6, 2015 - Magellan's Playlist, Vol. 1: On Tour in China highlights video now on YouTube!  Click here.


February 1, 2015- Well, the summer is mostly in the books (contracts are in); we will be performing in Spain, Ireland, and Russia this summer and recording in England!  Vol. 2 of Magellan's Playlist will be here within the year.


January 20, 2015 - Ellie Anderson joins the AG² family! Congrats to Matt and Molly on their birth of their daughter; the new generation of Athens Guitar Duo is now waiting in the wings (Denley and Ellie)!


AG² family! Congrats to Dusty and Jordan on the birth of their daughter!October 18, 2014 - Denley Woodruff joins the 


October 1, 2014 - The first annual North Georgia Guitar Festival (at the University of North Georgia) was a success!  Including great concerts by Luther Enloe, Trey Wright, and 9-String Theory, as well as masterclasses by Matt Anderson and Luther Enloe and a tone production workshop by Dusty Woodruff.  Looking forward to next year!


August 1, 2014 - Check out our YouTube channel; we have a 13-14 season highlights video, as well as some extended footage from our concert in Guangzhou, China!